Freizeit und Hobby


I have always enjoyed a little flutter. I am no high roller, I try to restrict myself to a tight budget, but I do enjoy the adrenaline rush of having a bit of money on the line. After working my way through various different games, I stumbled upon keno. It was a game that I had vaguely heard of before, and a lot of the online casinos that I used for other games seemed to be advertising it more and more prominently, so I decided that it was time to give keno a try. It was the easiest game to learn, with simple, intuitive gameplay, clear rules and a quick pace, and within minutes I was hooked. I would return to the same website for the same game every toilet break, every cigarette break, when I woke up in the morning and while waiting for the bus to work. I played for short periods several times a day. For about eight or nine days. Then I got bored. The stakes were always the same. The gameplay did not change one bit. I had no way of increasing my chances of winning, no control over the stake I was betting and no variation or novelty of any kind. Sure, I liked the adrenaline rush when the numbers showed, and I was doing ok in terms of winning and losing, but I was missing something. So, just like with all sorts of other online games that I had been playing, I moved on to another game. I do not remember any more which other game I chose next, but I probably went through three or four other styles of game, each with their own advantages and disadvantages, and I forgot about keno.

How I got back into playing keno again

Playing other games kept me busy for a while, but nothing else ever seemed to get me quite as interested as those first few days of keno. It has been a long time since I had played, so I decided to search for a game again. I did not return to the online casino where I had played keno in the past, which turned out to be a fantastic decision. Instead I discovered the website of a company called Let’s Play Keno. On letsplaykeno they do not provide their own games of keno, but it acts as a portal to a wide variety of different games of keno available online. Suddenly, instead of the monotonous repetition that I had encountered before, I had a huge range of game available to me. From the websites that they listed, I was able to choose from games with different:

  • Minimum and maximum stakes;
  • Number of numbers to choose from;
  • Social options like chat with other players;
  • Visual effects.

This variation opened the world of keno up to me again. I was able to play an exciting, fast paced game with the stakes that I chose, with more variation and with more pleasure than before, while still being able to play in the short burst which I had enjoyed so much months before.

My playing style

I tend to prefer the fastest of games available, with the smallest stakes. I stick to the same numbers most of the time, so that I can see immediately whether I have won or not. I do not have any more strategy than that, I am not sure any more strategy is possible, but I find the high speed version in small bursts suits me the most.