How does a company registration in the Netherlands work?

If you’re willing to start a business in Holland you might want to get some help with your company registration in the Netherlands. Since this might work different than in your own country (no matter where you’re from) most entrepreneurs seek the help of Intercompany Solutions. There they are specialized in guiding and helpen all sorts of foreign entrepreneurs who are willing to establish their business in the Netherlands. The first step is of course your company registration in the Netherlands. Intercompany Solutions will help you with it. To be able to register your company at the Chambre of Commerce you first need to decide which company formation suits best. If you’re not sure, you can ask your personal advisor from Intercompany Solutions. Depending on several aspects, they will advise you on the company formation to choose, and inform you about the laws that apply for the chosen formation. After that you will be able to finish your company registration in the Netherlands. After having done that you are officially the owner of a new business in Holland, congratulations! But what’s next?

Company registration in the Netherlands, what’s next?

After you have completely finished your company registration in the Netherlands there are still some steps to take before you can officially do business, for example the following:

  • Applying for a VAT number
  • Getting a Dutch bank account for your business
  • Getting an accountant
  • Getting a secretary 

Intercompany Solutions can help you with every step of the way. The first two steps can easily be arranged. Intercompany Solutions will provide you with all the right documents do apply for a VAT number and a bank account, and all you need to do is sign them. They will at all times explain to you what you’re signing and why, and what still needs to be done to fully complete your company registration in the Netherlands. After that, all you need to do is let your business grow, using the popular international business climate that we have in Holland.

The advantages of a company in the Netherlands

There are many advantages of having a company registration in the Netherlands, the experts of Intercompany Solutions can go on for hours about that. If you’re willing to know everything about it you can read all the blogs they wrote about the subject. They also have plenty of information about the whole Brexit deal and why it’s especially interesting for British entrepreneurs to take their businesses overseas to Holland. Since the international position of Great Britain wil get less popular, moving your company to Holland can help you when doing business with other European countries. You will remain the interesting trading partner you already were, and avoid the xo expected brexit drawbacks. And if you’re not only looking to have a company registration in the Netherlands but actually want to apply for citizenship, Intercompany Solutions can help you too. They know exactly which steps to take and under which circumstances you’re allowed to move to Holland. So wether you just want o move your business, start a new business, or are actually planning on moving completely to the Netherlands, Intercompany Solutions will offer help and guidance during the entire proces, which makes the entire move a whole lot easier.