Transport und Logistik

A trustworthy supplier for ptfe

Being in contact with the people of Hardick, a well known company for making ptfe conveyor belts and ptfe materials, is a privilige because you really learn how much these guys love their craft and how passionate are to evolve it and make it every year greater and better. Doing business with them is a real pleasure, because except from manufacturing top of the art materials that are much needed for the market, they are reliable and do what they say. The company is over a century old and is creating products of ptfe fabric for many industries around the world for the purpose of serving those who need it, with the utmost respect and the best quality products. On the verge of creating something new they can always change their order and be flexible enough for the needs of the customer but also for the better future of different industries. Ptfe is delivered for the industries of Carpet, Food, Rubber Photovoltaic, Textile, Non woven, Screen printing, Automotive, Packaging Plastics, Aviation, Composite and Can industry but also for an innovative field which is rubber extrusion. Their commitment to their expertise has always been to make an end result that is both satisfactory for the client and the industry.

How ptfe fabrics have been progressively on the rise

What makes this Dutch company special is the hard-working mentality and the creative nature of the workforce that despite the challenging competitiveness they have to cope with, they make a significant progress towards better crafted materials. The employees are an important capital that makes the whole difference because they are the backbone of the whole operation with well thought ideas and great execution. With many years in the job and an accumulated experience over the years they have done a tremendous effort to serve with the ptfe applications many industries. Without doubt the customer service is excellent because of their supportive nature and the qualified advice that give to their clients but also for the amazing repair service that they offer on site if something goes wrong with the use of ptfe materials. Another reason why you should choose Hardick products is that products are made based on the specifications of the customer and so the daily process is not a copy-paste procedure of the same manufactured materials. If a problem pops up they are 24/7 at your disposal to talk you through it in order you to understand precisely what the exact problem is and how it can be solved.

The production line is done meticulously

The vision of the company was always to evolve with stable steps forward in order to serve the customer with integrity and confidence. Another point where the company excels is that conveyor belts can be delivered to their destination within three days and when there is an immediate call for a quick delivery or emergency repair the representatives are there to keep you posted and serve you as fast as possible. Changing their priorities and making sacrifices during the production line, in order the client to be satisfied is their number one goal. At Hardick the employees value any existing or new customer as an unique entity that have to be served as they deserve, quickly and efficiently. The conveyor systems are inspected annually from the sale engineers in order to find what could be improved and find new solution that can be directly sent to the designers and manufacturers in every production line. The Planning of ptfe fabrics is done reliably with a precise organizational goal but also with results that cannot be wrong.